Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
So we have covered the UDK basics, which are the most essenial tools and funcions you
need to know to get started with UDK. You'll be able to quickly jump into UDK and begin
feeling comfortable using the most commonly used funcions.
Specifically, we covered:
How to download and install UDK
How to launch the editor and the Autosave funcion
How to navigate around the engine and how to use the short keys
How to use BSP brushes and staic meshes
How to use the add and subtract operaions used in BSP brushes
How to scale and grid snap in UDK
How to use diferent viewport opions to maximize real ime
Now that we've learned about the basics of navigaing around the engine and using UDK's
main features, we're ready to start creaing our irst map, which is the topic of the next
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