Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Lighing complexity ( Alt+6 ): Your lighing complexity
Texture density ( Alt+7 ): How complex are your textures
Shader complexity ( Alt+8 ): Shader complexity only
Lightmap density ( Alt+9 ): Lightmap density only
Lighing only with texel density ( Alt+0 ): Lighing only with texel density
What just happened?
So we know about using the BSP brushes and staic meshes, the addiive and subtracive
tools, the unreal scale and proporions, the grid snapping, and the diferent types of
viewport opions that we will be using when designing in UDK.
Have a go hero - wireframe brush
So we have light in our small room, what's next? Let's see if you can move the wireframe
brush and create another surface. It is important that you understand the different uses of
the translaion and scaling mode opions available in this editor.
Pop quiz
What do the following butons funcion as?
Let Mouse Buton ( LMB )
Right Mouse Buton ( RMB )
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