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Additive and subtractive
When you create a new map by going to File | New , you are presented with two opions to
create a map inside UDK: addiive and subtracive. The most common and mostly used is the
Addiive mode.
Think of an empty space. In the addiive method, you would be adding walls, models, and
the environment assets into the empty space. A real life example of addiive map creaion
would be construcing a building wall-by-wall.
Think of a solid rock. In the subtracive method, you would be cuing the rooms and
environment out of this solid mass. Subtracing the solid rock, in order to have room, is like
UDK basics covers the most essenial tools and funcions you need to know to get started
with UDK. You'll be able to quickly jump into UDK and begin feeling comfortable using the
most commonly used funcions.
Unreal scale and proportions
The scale of a character in Unreal is 96 units.
128 UU = 8 feet = 243.8 cm
96 UU = 6 feet = 182.9 cm
16 UU = 1 foot = 30.5 cm
1 UU = 2 cm
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