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Time for action - using BSP brushes and static meshes
The Red Builder Brush creates BSP brushes. It also acts as a template for creaing BSP
Geometry and does not show up in the game.
In the previous screenshot you can see that the red builder brush has taken the form of a
square template for creaing BSP geometry. You can create diferent sizes and types of BSP.
Hammer source engine sill uses BSP operaion to construct the main shell of the level, but
the majority of next-gen engines heavily rely on staic meshes. Staic meshes is what you
will be using to primarily deine how your map looks in UDK. Staic meshes are the models
that make up the 90 percent of your level. Creaing staic meshes requires you to have a 3D
applicaion, such as XSI, Maya or 3Ds Max, and so on.
Red builder brush is what you will use to create BSP brushes
Staic meshes is what you'll be using to detail the environment
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