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These are your primary keys for navigaing and rotaing using the editor:
Let Mouse Buton ( LMB ): pan right/left/forward/backward movements
Right Mouse Buton ( RMB ): rotate, look around
LMB+RMB : up/down
WASD key navigation
The following are other forms of primary keys for navigaing and rotaing around the editor:
Click and hold RMB. As you hold it, use the WASD keyboard keys to move around as
you would in a first person shooter game.
WASD movement is great if you are familiar with hammer source mapping.
MAYA users
If you are familiar with Maya, the following will be your primary keys for navigaing and
rotaing around the editor.
Hold down the U key
U+ LMB : rotate, look around
U+ RMB : forward/backward movements
U+ MMB : right/left/up/down movements
What just happened?
Now that you have installed UDK and know what the content browser is, you are ready to
begin. So let's get started.
The purpose of BSP is to greatly reduce the amount of work the game engine has to perform
in real ime—to draw polygons on the player's screen.
Why use BSP?
BSP is a great tool to block in your map with. BSP is often used to quickly create and test
playable space.
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