Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
When you irst launch the editor, you will have Autosave automaically enabled. This will
save your map at a chosen imed interval. You can set how oten it will automaically save
by clicking the Let Mouse Buton ( LMB ) on the arrow on the botom-right of the Autosave
Interval and choosing the ime you want, as shown in the following screenshot:
You will ind the Autosave feature at the botom right of the editor. If you enable Autosave,
there are a few opions such as Interval and Type .
Save manually by going up to File | Save As .
Content browser
Content browser is where you will ind of the game's assets. Placing staic meshes (models),
textures, sounds, and game eniies such as player starts, weapons, and so on, can all be
done through the content browser. You will be using the content browser very often. To open
the content browser click on the top menu bar, as shown in the following screenshot:
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