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UDK extension is the UDK package's name. This is how the models and
textures are stored in UDK. Think of UDK extension as folders. Inside those
folders are stored all the models, animaions, textures, materials, and similar
assets. You can browse the UDK files through the UDK editor.
UDK is the map file extension.
Time for action - launching the editor
To launch the unreal editor, go to the Start Menu | Unreal Development Kit | UDK
Version | Editor .
Another way to launch the editor is to create a shortcut. To do this, go to the
installaion folder: \UDK\UDK-VersionRelease\Binaries , locate UDKLift.
exe , right-click and select Send To | Desktop (create shortcut) , as shown in the
following screenshot:
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