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In the first chapter, I'm going to explain how to download and install the Unreal
Development Kit ( UDK ), show you how to launch the editor, how to move and
rotate around the editor, and finally briefly explain Binary Space Pariioning
( BSP ) brushes and staic meshes.
In this chapter, we will learn the following:
UDK download and installaion
Launching the editor
Movement and rotaion
Using BSP brushes and staic meshes
So let's get on with it. We will first look at downloading the UDK, and install it on your PC.
Time for action - UDK download and installation
Download the latest version of UDK.
Log o n to www.ud and download the latest version of unreal development
kit beta. Once you download the UDK Installer, go ahead and install the UDK. The
default directory for installing UDK is C:\UDK\UDK-VersionRelease .
Version Release will be the month and year that the UDK you downloaded was built.
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