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One more thing we can do is select a bunch of nodes and put a comment box
around them. This groups them together in a logical way, and we can remind
ourselves of what a whole cluster of nodes is supposed to achieve.
This network isn't really complex enough that comment boxes are criical, but let's
add some anyway, so that you know how they work.
Select the Diffuse. Tint node and the Muliply node it feeds into ( Ctrl +click to select
them, and right-click to add a comment box).
In the Comment Text window, add some useful text, such as Tint the Diffuse .
You now have a box grouping your nodes. If you drag it around, anything inside of it
will be dragged along. Add another comment box labeling the Specular Tint nodes,
hit the green checkmark, and save your package.
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