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Time for action - making your material easy to read
Almost over, but we've got one very important topic to cover—clean-up and commening.
You may be able to read your material just fine now, but when you come back in a week, or a
month, an organized material with some useful comments will be a lot easier to understand.
1. The irst step is good organizaion. As we've seen, data in the Material Editor flows
right to left (the inputs of our nodes are on the right, and the spit out data to the
let). Take some ime now and organize your nodes so that there's no backtracking
(the Texture and Constant nodes should be on the right, and the Muliply nodes
should be to their left). Also organize things to minimize crisscrossing lines—the
nodes controlling Diffuse should go on top, with the ones controlling Specular
below. Try to get a network that looks like the following screenshot:
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