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Time for action - color specular highlight
Oten imes, relecions in metal take on a slightly bluish tone. So let's look at a new node
type—a Constant3Vector , which is essenially a node that allows us to specify a color.
Click-and-drag a Constant3Vector into the Material Editor window. While a
Constant has only one value that we can edit, a Constant3Vector has three values,
R , G , and B (for red, green, and blue). By combining R , G , and B , we can make any
color that your monitor can display.
2. Here you will see a box with R, G, B, and Desc opions, and numbers opposite
each opion:
Type in a value of 1 for R ; this will make the output of our node pure red. You can
click the litle black box at the top of the node to get a real-ime. preview; noice the
box turns yellow when the real-ime preview is turned on.
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