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If you need to, you can move your Texture Sample node around by
ctrl +click+dragging it. Give this a try now.
What just happened?
So, we have now created our irst textured material, but at the moment it is looking prety
basic. So what can we do to make our material stand out more? I will now explain some
steps to make your material realisic and stand out when used in your environment. Let's
start by adding a shiny surface to our material.
Time for action - creating a shiny metal surface
This texture is supposed to represent a metal surface, so let's make the material shiny.
There are a couple ways to do it, but let's use this opportunity to learn about a new node
type—a Constant .
Find the word Constant in the Material Expressions list, and drag it into the editor
Connect the new Constant node to the Specular rendering terminology for shininess
input on the left.
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