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1.0 is black or thus fully faded out. 0.00 means no fade at all. You thus want the first
and the last key to be 1.0 , and the ones in between 0.00 . Now set the last square to
1.0 as well.
11. Your curve may be going below 0.00 in the middle, and thus will be negaive. To ix
this, select the second square and hit the buton with the diagonal line at the top:
You are now done with the fading part.
If you want to trigger an external event during the cut scene, you can add an event
track. On this event track, every key represents an event that can trigger something
else in Kismet.
12. To add one, right-click DirGroup again, and pick New Event Track this ime. Now add
a key for it somewhere and enter the name:
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