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4. You should now see colored lines with litle dots on. This is the path it follows. Now,
if you click on a key in Mainee , you will see that two white lines show up, one on
either side of the posiion. These control the curves:
5. Click on the litle square at the end of one of these lines and drag it. Noice how the
enire line changes. You can also hold both mouse butons to drag it around, as that
gives more freedom of movement. It is a bit cumbersome to tweak the paths like
this, but if done right, it will greatly improve the quality of your cut scene.
6. Lastly, in the regular properies of your Camera Actor itself (regular properies being
the F4 one), you are able to configure the AspectRaio and the Field Of View in
the secion CameraActor . If you disable bConstrainAspectRaio , it will not render
these black borders. These black borders only show up when the raio of the screen
does not match the AspectRaio set there. And as you can see, you are also able to
change the post process seings here, on a per camera basis.
Fading and events:
Adding a fade in and out is fairly easy. In Mainee , right-click DirGroup and pick Add
New Fade Track :
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