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3. Animate this camera as well, and you are done!
You now have a basic cut scene that makes use of two different cameras.
More on Cameras:
1. If the camera rotates strangely while flying around, select the Movement track
of that camera in Mainee and have a look at the properies that show up at the
botom of the window. Enable bUseQuatInterpolaion .
2. There are some other interesing properies as well. The ones I personally use most
are LinCurveTension and AngCurveTension . They control how smooth the
camera flies through the world. A value of 1.00000 would create very blocky yet
precise movement, whereas the default value of 0.000000 smooths the movement
out, but that may also cause the camera to fly through geometry every now and
3. As those two seings sill ofer only limited control over how the camera moves, it's
well recommended to manually tweak the paths of your cameras. To view the paths,
disable Camera Previewing in the viewport by clicking that litle (yellow) camera on
the right of the Director Group .
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