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And that is what we are going to do. So, make sure the viewport previews the
camera and add another key to the camera group. Make sure you have Movement
selected in the camera group; put the imeline on some other ime, and hit the Add
Key buton again:
9. Without doing anything else, fly the camera in the viewport to where you want it to
go (while keeping mainee open), when you are done, put the imeline in Mainee
back to 0.0 , and hit Play. The cut scene should now preview in the viewport.
10. Close Mainee , and in Kismet add New Event | Level Startup , and connect it to play
the Mainee .
You now have a very basic cut scene that starts as soon as the level starts.
The second Camera :
Go to the Actor Classes browser again and add a second camera actor. Coninue by
opening Kismet and then Mainee again, and add a NewCameraGroup below your
first one.
Then, select the Director and put the imeline to when you want the Director to
switch to the second camera. Add a key and be sure to select the second camera,
grouping the menu that pops up:
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