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7. Next, we want to animate the camera itself. Click on Movement , which is part of
your camera group, and then click the Add Key buton once more, to add a irst
posiion/key to the imeline.
Mainee should now preview the posiion and angle of the camera in your viewport.
If it does not cut to the camera in your viewport, it may help to close mainee and
open it again. Alternaively, you can mess with the litle camera buton on the right
of Director Group , which actually toggles viewport camera previewing on and off .
8. When Mainee previews your camera in the viewport, it will also record your moves
in it. This way you can posiion cameras by simply adding a key, and then ly or
rotate the camera how you want in the viewport, and it will remember this. It will,
however, not remember the path you took to ly to that locaion, but only the inal
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