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What just happened?
So we have just created a basic UIScene, which will appear as soon as we start our level in-
game and will last for 5 seconds before the game starts. We know to create the scene from
scratch, which will be used, followed by adding an image, and will appear in the UI scene.
We also know how to dock the UIScene so that it its the enire screen, and inally adding
the kismet scriping, which will make the scene appear at the start of a match and how it
will stay up for before it disappears. Let's now have a look at creaing a basic cut scene that
uilizes two cameras, fades in and out, and triggers an event along the way.
Time for action - basic cut scene
The first Camera :
Go to the Actor Classes browser, and find the Camera Actor at the top of the list.
Place this actor in your level on the desired locaion. It is a good idea to point it into
the right direcion already, though you could also do this later.
Once the Camera Actor has been placed, open Kismet and add a Mainee :
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