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You need to tell the editor to correctly scale and move the elements inside the
UIScene along with the resoluion that was set.
5. Select either the text or the image, and noice the big four orange dots in the middle
of each side. These allow you to hook up that side to some other element and
basically lock it.
Select one of these and start dragging. Noice how red dots appear on the blue
frame. Drag it to these to make it connect. Connect all sides to the corresponding
sides of the blue frame.
This will make your image or your text cover the enire screen. Scale the resoluion
up or down and noice how the text and/or the image now do correctly scale along.
6. Next we are going to make sure that it doesn't cover the enire screen, but has some
empty space around it. Right-click the image or the text, dependent what you linked
to the blue frame, and open the Docking Editor :
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