Game Development Reference
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2. The UIScene editor should open automaically. If it does not, simply double-click the
UIScene in the generic browser.
The UIScene editor is navigated much like the others Sub editors. Left or right mouse
pans the view. Holding both zooms in and out. Zoom out unil you see the blue
frame. This is the edge of the screen, so whatever you do, make sure it is inside this
Right-click somewhere in an empty space and pick the Place Widget and then
Label at the top of the list. A label now shows up at the top-left of the screen. Drag
it somewhere else holding the Ctrl key and dragging the mouse. Scale it up if you
On the right side is a Properies secion. If you do not see this secion, go to the
top menu and click Window | Properies . In Properies , go to Data | DataSource |
MarkupString . This is the text displayed, so change this to whatever you want:
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