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8. If it sill does not work, you'll need to rely only on logs while in Play In Editor ( PIE )
mode and not the game itself. You can add logs or instrucions below, however,
you'll only be able to view them in the generic browser's Log tab, and only if you set
the bIncludeObjComment boolean to true . The text will appear in the generic
browser's Log , but not on the screen.
9. If even this does not work, then there's one route left. Instead of using a log, grab an
emiter and place it where you can see it. Use a toggle acion to turn it on when you
would want the log to go of. Thus, if the emiter goes of, you'll know that porion is
working. Remember to turn off the AutoActivate property in the emiter.
What just happened?
So we know how to create a single message sequence using simple basic kismet scriping,
which will be triggered off when the player starts the level. Let's take this further by looking
at basic UIScenes and creaing a clip, which will run for 5 seconds just before the
match begins.
Have a go hero - preview screenshot
Why not have a go hero at creaing a preview screenshot for your level? Take a screenshot of
your level and crop/resize it to a resoluion of 512 pixels width, 256 pixels high. Save it as a
TGA file, preferably name it Screenshot , and import it into the package of your level.
Time for action - basic UIScene
1. Start by creaing a new UIScene, somewhere in the generic browser. So make a
new package add it to an exising package, or embed it into your level (by naming
the package exactly the same as your level). Whatever you pick, right-click in that
package and pick New UIScene :
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