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4. Alter the properies of the Log . Simply left-click on the Log to select it. Add an Obj
Comment (object comment), in this case Tutorial! . Then, to ensure we know that
the Log gets fired off, we're going to output the object comment to the screen by
adding a checkmark to the box to the right of bOutputObjCommentToScreen :
And that's about it. When the map is launched, the player will spawn and a Tutorial!
will appear in text at the botom let of the screen.
If object comments and Logs don't work, your engine may be set to disable these
debug messages in game. To fix this, you may need to try several things.
The following involves changing .ini files for the games. This can cause
things to go horribly awry in some cases, so back up the files first.
5. Find your DefaultEngine.ini file. This file will be located at different places
for different engines/games. Open it and do a search for Kismet. One of the first
results will be bOnScreenKismetWarnings=FALSE . You'll need to change this to
bOnScreenKismetWarnings=TRUE . Save the .ini and see if it works.
6. If this does not work, after the bOnScreenKismetWarnings=FALSE line add this
line: bEnableKismetLogging=TRUE .
This may work, but is generally not recommended since it may very well be a cooked
file depending on the game. Look for the game-specific xxxengine.ini where xxx
is the game, and enable the same two seings there.
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