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What just happened?
So we know how bot pathing works and how to place path nodes around the map. This will
not only show the bots how to navigate around certain areas of your map, but also show
them where they cannot go.
Pop quiz
What are the four diferent types of naming convenion?
We learned a lot in this chapter about:
Naming the diferent types of map convenion
Adding a player start to our map
Placing pickups in our map
Placing weapons in our map
Placing jump pads in our map
Adding other game objecive types to our map
Placing path nodes in our map
So that's how you add gameplay elements such as player starts, special pickups, weapons,
jump pads, and other gameplay elements such as teleporter and vehicles. We also have
learnt how to use path nodes to create a path where the bots will navigate around our map.
In the next chapter, we will be looking at basic Kismet scriping.
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