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Bot pathing
I've done bot pathing before for my maps, and after watching some tutorial videos, it's not
really that hard. I'll try to explain it as simply as possible.
Time for action - adding path nodes
Bots are stupid. All they know to do is point at the nearest target and shoot, or run for the
nearest pickup that's in sight. They're great at geing to things they can see. But how do
they get from room to room? If their health is low, how do they find their way to a health
pickup? Well, Unreal generates a path network that connects everything in your level. That
way, if a bot has no one to shoot, or is low on health, they know how to run through hallways
to different rooms where there are goodies for them to pick up.
To start, click on the Build Paths buton at the top of the screen:
2. Paths are automaically generated, connecing every player start in the level. You
can view your path network by clicking on the black arrow that's at the top of a
viewport and clicking on Paths , or you can just press the hotkey P .
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