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4. Place one in the world, open up its properies, and open up the UTTeamPlayerStart
category. Set the TeamNumber ield to 0 for the red team and 1 for the blue team.
You may also want to set up some UTDefensePoints , as described in the previous
What just happened?
So these are the gameplay elements thrown into your map player starts, pick-ups, weapon
placing, jump pads, lits, teleporter, vehicles, and lags along with tesing of your map in-
game. We can now look at controlling where the bots are allowed to go and where not to go
by adding bot pathing around our map.
Have a go hero - adding music to your map
It is really essenial to add music to the level. Music nowadays is also responsible for certain
gameplay sounds, such as the tune played when someone captures the flag, so it is really
essenial that you set it up, otherwise the game would sound very dull.
Music isn't just a single track anymore in UDK. You actually assign about ten sound samples
to the level, each for other circumstances. These ten or so samples are held by a music
arrangement asset. It is the music arrangement that you assign to a level, and not the
individual tracks.
1. Go to the generic browser, and open the package A_Music_Arrangements.upk
found in the folder UDK version | UTGame | Content | UT3 | Sounds | Music .
2. Pick the one you like most, and while having it selected in the generic browser, go to
the top menu of the editor View | World Properies .
3. Extend World Info in the window that pops up, and add an item to My MapInfo
using the blue arrow on the right.
4. Enter the desired music set to the MapMusicInfo property.
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