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3. Under the object's properies, you can control which types of vehicles are afected
by it (like limiing it to the hover board). You can also control how much power the
boost has.
Next, let us look at the Capture the Flag maps.
CTF maps are easy to create. There are only a few things that difereniate them from
Deathmatch maps.
1. Name the file CTF-[mapname] for a standard Capture the Flag map, or name it VCTF
for Vehicle Capture the Flag.
2. Add a flag base for each team. Find them in the Actor Classes browser under
NavigaionPoint | Objecive | UTGameObjecive | UTCTFBase | UTCTFBase_
Content . Add them like you would add any other gameplay object.
You also need to place a special kind of player start node and tag it with the team
that will spawn from it. You can place a Team PlayerStart node, by selecing
UTTeamPlayerStart in the ActorClasses browser under Common | PlayerStart |
UDKTeamPlayerStart | UTTeamPlayerStart .
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