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You can also easily make the teleporter two-way, by giving both a unique tag and
seing each UTTeleporter URL to the other. You can even make a chain or loop of
teleporters that all go to each other in order:
Next, let us look at the UTDefense point .
The UTDefense point helps bots to make more intelligent choices in a CTF or Warfare game.
1. Place UTDefense points around your flags or power cores, or any place where
defense is important.
Point the DefendedObjecive parameter at the specific flag or power node that you
want the bots to defend.
You can also type a name in the DefenseGroup field, and bots in defend mode will
move between defend nodes that have a matching DefenseGroup name.
There are a few other parameters as well, but they should be self-explanatory.
Next, let us look at the UTTranslocatorDest .
Building paths will automaically create some translocator jump paths, but someimes you'll
want to force them to a speciic locaion to a power-up on a high ledge.
Create an UTTranslocatorDest where you want the translocator to land. In the
properies, open up the UTTranslocatorDest .
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