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7. In my case, my ceiling was too low. I raised it and the jump pad works fine now. You
might also run into problems if the jump pad is too close to the ledge, or if the path
node is too far from the edge of the ledge.
What just happened?
So now we have jump pads in our map, which will let us navigate easier around levels, but is
there anything else that we can do with our map? What if we want teleporter or vehicles?
How do we go about adding them to our map? I'm going to show you how.
Time for action - adding other game object types
Now that you know how to create pickups and jump pads, you should be able to figure out
any other gameplay object type. I'll give a rough overview of some of the common ones
here, without going into full detail. This secion is meant to be more of a reference guide, but
if you want to add some of these object types to your level now, it'll be a good pracice.
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