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3. Also place a navigaion point on top of the ledge; the jump pad will eventually lead
4. We specify the jump pad's target in its properies window, similar to how we
specified what weapon a weapon pickup will spawn.
Open up the jump pad's properies window, and open up the UTJumpPad category.
Aha! There's a box labeled Jump Ta rget and a few other controls, which I'll let you
explore on your own, once the whole thing is hooked up.
What we need to do is plug our pathnode into the Jump Ta rget box. We need to
select the pathnode and then click on the litle green arrow to the right of Jump
Ta rget , but selecing the pathnode would bring up its properies instead of the jump
pad's properies. So, while you sill have the jump pad selected, click on the lock
icon in the top-let of the window. This locks the properies on the jump pad, no
mater what you select.
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