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So, now we have an arsenal of weapons to choose from in our map, but what else can we
incorporate into our map? Why not jump pads. If you have more than one level in your map,
it might be ideal to have a couple of jump pads loaing around, so how do we do that?
Time for action - placing jump pads
Jump pads launch the player into the air, ulimately to come down at a speciied locaion.
To create a jump pad, you need to place a jump pad base and then tell it where the
player is supposed to land. But first, modify your level so that one of the rooms has
a ledge or a plaform that is big enough to run around on.
2. Placing a jump pad is the same as placing any pickup. It's in the Actor Classes
browser under Navigaion point. It's called UTJumpPad . Create one next to your
ledge, about 128 units out.
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