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5. As you'd expect, a health vial appears.
If you generate paths and run your map, you'll be able to pick up the health vial to heal
yourself, and bots will pick it up as well.
What just happened?
So, we know how to place pickups into our map from the Actors tab in the content browser.
So what's next? Guns, lots of guns. Let's now have a look at placing weapons in our map
again using the Actors tab in the content browser. Remember that all weapons and inventory
are located in the Actors tab.
Time for action - placing weapons
Most pickups, such as the health vial, just require you to place them in the world and you're
good to go. But for weapon pickups and weapon lockers, you need to specify what kind of
weapons will be available.
Place an UTWeaponPickupFactory in your level in the same way you placed the
health vial. Make sure that the object is selected in the world, then click on View |
Actor Properies or double-click on the object, or press F4 .
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