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2. If your map shows up black, or just generally isn't doing what you expect, you may
have to hit Build All and try again:
3. Once you're up and running properly, press the Tab key to bring up the console, and
type addbots 1 . A bot should appear somewhere in your level:
You can, of course, add as many bots as you want with that command, up to 16.
What just happened?
So, we have added our player starts to the map and have now tested them within the editor
using the in-game command Ta b . You may or may not know, but the bots are all over the
place at the moment; we will come to that later by adding something called bot pathing ,
which will pinpoint where the bots are allowed or not allowed to go in your map. For now,
let's have a look at placing pickups in our level.
Time for action - placing pickups
So you can run around your level and shoot stuff, but without weapon pickups, health, and
armor, the level feels kind of dull. We can get at all of the weapon pickups and a lot of other
good stuff through the Actor Class browser.
Open up your generic browser and click on the tab labeled Actor Classes at the top
of the window:
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