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2. Unreal supports up to 16 players in Deathmatch, so we need to have at least 16
PlayerStart actors. Normally, your level will be big enough so that placing all of these
spawn points will make sense and you may place some more, but it probably seems
kind of silly right now. That's ok; we sill want to place 16. You can place a new
PlayerStart node by right-clicking on the ground, selecing Add Actor , and clicking
on Add PlayerStart :
3. If you've already placed one, you can clone it around by alt +click+dragging on one of
the move tool's handles. Do this unil you have 16 nodes spread all over your level.
Try to make sure they're at least 128 units apart:
Remember you can middle+click+drag in a 2D view to use the
measure tool.
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