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Adding gameplay elements
When staring a level, no mater what the game-type is, it is always best to shell out the
gameplay before you start on any visual work. With BSP and very few staic meshes, quickly
lush out the enire level to a point where you can play the level and see how much fun it
is. If it's not fun before visual work, it's not going to be fun after, and since visual work in
UDK can take the bulk of the level work ime, you want to be sure that you get to your level
as much fun as possible before you start. So you don't waste a lot of ime re-meshing and
lighing to accommodate game-play changes.
Time for action - naming your map
First of, naming convenions are important. They're the primary way that UDK knows what
type of map you're playing.
Start your map name with one of the following tags, depending on the intended
gameplay type:
Deathmatch , Team Deathmatch , Duel ( DM )
Capture the Flag ( CTF )
Vehicle Capture the Flag ( VCTF )
Warfare ( WAR )
So, if you want to make a Warfare map called FirePits, you'd name it WAR-
FirePits.udk .
2. For this tutorial, we'll create a Deathmatch map. Start by creaing a new map or
opening an exising map you've created. Save it as DM-GameplayTest01.udk in
the following folder:
This is the official place where Unreal likes to look for maps, so get into the habit
of saving everything there. If you put the map somewhere else, especially if you're
streaming or loading separate packages, Unreal won't be able to find it. If you want
to make a subfolder, that's fine too.
Build-up your map so that it has at least three rooms connected by hallways, and
that they're not in a straight line, as shown in the following screenshot:
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