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MaxDrawRadius : At what distance the foliage meshes should start
disappearing, for performance reasons. A couple of thousand should do.
MinTransiionRadius : Unil what distance the foliage meshes should be
displayed in full scale. The bigger the difference between MaxDrawRadius
and MinTransiionRadius , the softer the fade out. Can be left at 0 .
Min and MaxScale : The size of the foliage meshes.
Seed : Can be left at 0 . Other numbers will randomize the placement of the
foliage meshes differently.
SwayScale : In combinaion with the WindDirecionalSource actor (see
Foliage Volume tutorial), this controls the amount of influence the wind has
on the foliage meshes.
AlphaMapThreshold : A higher value will make it spawn less or no foliage
meshes at all near the edges of the painted area.
SlopeRotaionBlend : The rotaion of the foliage meshes, dependent on the
angle of the terrain quad below.
2. If you did all of this correctly, the meshes should show up wherever the material is
painted. In my test scenario, it got me a beauiful landscape of springs.
Pop quiz
What are the several diferent types of properies for reining your mover?
We learned a lot in this chapter about the following:
Creaing a terrain in our map
Applying materials to our terrain
Adding a light map to our terrain
We have learnt how to build a basic terrain, how to apply materials to that terrain, making
it more atmospheric and giving it character. We also know how to add light mapping to our
terrain, which give us dynamic shadowing when staic meshes are introduced to our map. In
the next chapter we will start adding items and look into bot placement.
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