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What just happened?
We have assigned a light map to the terrain so when staic meshes are introduced to our
map and light hits the meshes, we will get dynamic shadowing, giving a more atmospheric
approach to our map.
Have a go hero - foliage layers
Foliage layers are embedded into regular terrain material layers, and are thus linked to the
material. Paint another material over the one that contains the foliage layer, and the foliage
layer too will disappear.
1. In the generic browser, browse to the terrain material of the layer of choice, usually
found within the Mylevel package of the level, and double-click it to get to its
properies. Expand Foliage and add an item to FoliageMeshes using the litle plus
buton. The following properies would be found:
StaicMesh : What staic mesh it will use for the foliage layer. A grass mesh
would do well.
Material : This property is opional. If you leave it empty, it will use the
material speciied in the properies of StaicMesh . If you fill something, it
will override it.
Density : How many imes StaicMesh is instanced. A number like 3 would
be a good start.
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