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9. Open a Terrain Material asset by right-clicking Properies to get to the
MappingScale opion, which controls the scale of the material. Other neat opions
are MappingPan U and MappingPanV , which allow you to offset a material, and
Rotaion , allowing you to rotate-offset the material. MappingType allows you to
change the axis of the mapping; you may need to change this, if you have a very
verical terrain.
Terrain Layer Setup assets gives you opions to enable automaic texturing, based
on the angle and height of a surface.
10. If you want to change the material applied to a terrain later on, you can do so by
altering Material in Terrain Material , or by right-clicking an expanded layer in the
Terrain Ediing Mode window, and picking Use Selected .
Your change may not show up immediately, and may require you to restart
the editor, or use the RM buton in the Terrain Ediing Mode window (right
side, below the Wire and Solid butons) to force the engine to reload the
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