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3. Select another material in the generic browser, and do this one more ime so you
have two layers as shown in the next screenshot. If it asks for a package and layer
name, as some versions do (UT3), ensure that your package name is the same as
your level name, to embed the material informaion inside the level itself. UDK will
ask for a name twice: one for TerrainLayerSetup and one for Terrain Material . Enter
two different names for the two, but the same package name. If your level is named
Layouttest754 , your package too should be named the same. The layer name
itself doesn't mater a lot. Pick anything, but remember that names must be unique
and without spaces and all:
4. The irst layer will automaically display on the terrain as it is the irst, therefore
always visible. The second layer, however, will remain invisible unil you paint it.
Select the second layer by clicking it (it turns yellow as shown in the previous
screenshot), and select the standard paint tool with which you modified the
geometry of the terrain, and start paining away.
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