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Another handy tool is the visibility tool, as shown in the following screenshot:
By dragging over the terrain, this tool lets you hide blocks of terrain. This is ideal if
you want to get rid of the terrain in a speciic locaion, for example, if you want to
add a basement to a building, or to opimize the terrain. Areas that can never be
seen by the player should preferably be hidden with this tool.
What just happened?
So, we have created the shape of our terrain using the terrain ediing tool. The next step is to
apply a material to the terrain to make it look more atmospheric and life-like. I will now show
you how to apply a material using the terrain ediing browser.
Time for action - applying materials
Let's add textures/materials to the terrain.
Switch the viewport back to a textured view and go to the generic browser. Find
a material that you like, select it in the generic browser, and return to the Terrain
Ediing Mode window.
In the Terrain Ediing Mode window, right-click the big empty space at the botom,
below where it says Height Map , pick New Layer from material (auto-create) , and
enter a name.
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