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3. Let's expand it. New for Unreal Engine 3 is the ability to expand a terrain whenever
you want. You are no longer restricted to the original size as you were in Unreal
Engine 2. Double-click the terrain in the viewport to have its properies pop up. You
should preferably also set the viewport to wireframe to get a beter view on what's
going on:
NumPatches X and NumPatchesY in the Terrain secion control the actual size of the
terrain. Changing those values will increase both the size and the complexity of the
terrain. By default, a terrain is 4×4 patches large or small; you should increase those
values to something like 64×64 or 256×256 for large outdoor levels. You should
consider modifying the drawscale of the terrain if you want to increase the terrain
even further. Simply adding more patches to increase the size is usually a bad idea,
as it can have a significant impact on performance.
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