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Unreal Engine 3 supports a lexible terrain system that provides a wide variety
of visual styles and uses. Many diferent landscapes can be realized and various
themes can be achieved uilizing a heightmap based system that can visually
depict hills, valleys, mountains, rivers, roads, and more. It can also depict a
muli-layer terrain material system that supports real-world texture iles such
as dirt, rock, sand, and mud.
A muli-layer decoraion system provides addiional lexibility and realism by
rendering foliage such as grass, weeds, bushes, lowers, and even small rocks
and debris.
Terrain is typically created using one of the two techniques: hand-paining
directly on the terrain mesh to create the hills and valleys, or imporing
externally created terrain height maps. Addiionally, height map informaion
can be acquired from Digital Elevaion Model ( DEM ) informaion. Material
layers that represent dirt, grass, and rocks can be created using terrain alpha
maps that determine where the texture is blended onto the terrain.
In this chapter, we shall cover the following topics:
Your irst terrain
Applying materials
Light mapping
So, let's get on with it.
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