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Have a go hero - triggering sounds
The sound cue route requires you to add a play sound acion to Kismet.
1. Right-click in Kismet | Acion | Sound | Play Sound or hold s on the keyboard and
click somewhere. In its properies, you then enter the desired sound cue. Also, you
must set an actor as the target for the sound, or it wouldn't know where it needs
to be located. Failure of specifying an actor, while it will work, can lead to problems
later on. Playing too many sounds on the same actor can also lead to problems.
2. Select the actor you wish to use; in my example, it was an Emiter . Right-click in
Kismet , pick New Object Var Using "NameOfActor" , and connect it to Ta rget . You're
done. There's not more to it than that.
The following set up plays a sound, once a Mainee sequence (could be an elevator
or a door) has completed. It uses an emiter as its source/target:
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