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The value set in RotaionRate is the degrees it will rotate in 1 second.
What just happened?
So, we now have a coninuously rotaing animaion which can be used to rotate anything
from an elevator, door, or even a drawbridge; so what's next? How about ataching
something, for example, a light? Let's see how we can do this by using a dynamic version of a
Time for action - attaching something
1. If you want to atach, for example, a light to an InterpActor, you irst of all need to
make sure that you have a dynamic version of the actor that you wish to atach.
In my example, it can be found in the Actor Browser | Lights | PointLights |
PointLightMovable . Remember that some actors are staic and cannot be moved,
and thus cannot be atached.
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