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Time for action - a continuously looping animation
1. Simply connect Mainee's Completed to its own Reverse and its Reverse to Play .
This will make it go back-and-forth forever, as soon as it is triggered once, by an
external event:
2. Another way to create a looping animaion is by simply enabling the bLooping
property found in the Mainee block in Kismet . Both approaches will roughly get
you the same result.
What just happened?
So, we now have a coninuously looping animaion for our elevator, but what if we want a
rotaing animaion for, say, a door or a drawbridge? Let's now go ahead and have a look at
how we can coninuously rotate the mainee's animaion.
Time for action - a continuously rotating animation
You could use Mainee to make a rotaing animaion, but it is usually easier to go with the
old-school approach and simply do it all through the properies of the InterpActor.
1. Open up those properies and navigate to the Movement secion. Set Physics to
PHYS_Rotaing and set a value to RotaionRate :
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