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Keys are displayed as small dark red triangles. Select the one you just added, if it
is not already, and then while keeping this Mainee window open, go back to your
viewport. Move the InterpActor the normal way, using the movement gizmo, and as
soon as you moved it somewhere and let go of the mouse, you should see a yellow
line appearing. This is the path the InterpActor will follow between its irst posiion
and the new posiion you just added:
Note how it says Adjust Key 1 at the botom-let of the viewport. If this does not
show up, you did not select the key in Mainee . Also, if no yellow line shows up,
then the InterpActor may not be properly associated with the Mainee you made.
It is criical that the InterpActor is selected in the viewport throughout the enire
process of creaing a Mainee , a new Empty Group , and a New Movement Track .
Delete the Mainee and try again if it does not work.
Return to the Mainee window, then click-and-drag the imeline around. You should
see the InterpActor in the viewport moving around. You can also press the Play
buton at the top of the Mainee window to play your animaion.
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