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Movement with Movers
In this chapter, we will introduce you to the world of animated level geometry
in UDK, doors, elevators, and so on, acivated using InterpActors or triggers.
This secion will look at creaing a basic elevator/door with UT's unique style.
We will look at how to coninuously loop and rotate animaions, and how to
atach certain objects to the elevator/door.
In this chapter, we shall cover the following topics:
A basic elevator/door
Elevators UT style
A coninuously looping animaion
A coninuously rotaing animaion
Ataching something
Lock and Load!
Let's irst have a look at creaing a basic elevator/door consising of a moving plateau; call it
an elevator if you want and assign an InterpActor to it.
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