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21. The following screenshot shows how it appears when set to 0.25 :
Since the ground is white and grey to begin with, in this example it is hard to tell exactly
how it will afect your environment, but a good way to see the changes in this image is the
material preview box. As the white color is lowered, it does not lower everything uniformly,
it simply clamps the color at that value based on the texture, so you will lose detail in the
transiion from light to shaded, creaing a harder shadow edge (usually more pixelated), so
be careful when tweaking this value.
Pop quiz
In the cascade Paricle Editor , which area is the property secion that will display the
properies of whatever emiter or module is selected in the Paricle Editor ?
1. Area 1
2. Area 2
3. Area 3
4. Area 4
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