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12. The second texture should have a diferent seing in TexCoord , and the direcion
should be slightly diferent so that they are not moving in the exact same direcion.
With these slight changes, the clouds will soon have much more variaion, as well as
a lot less repeaing (mainly due to the scale of the textures).
13. Do not scale your clouds down by half; find a value that does not go into the size of
your original texture scale. For example, if the irst is set to repeat three imes, the
second should be around 0.85 or 1.35 . They will have to repeat a bit more often to
muliply into each other, resuling in variaion.
14. As of now, there is more variaion. However, we will want to ighten the gaps and
adjust the light and dark areas a bit more to achieve a beter result.
To do this, we will need to add a Lerp and two constant variables to the scene. Plug
the Add variable into the alpha of your Lerp , and each constant goes into A and B .
What this will do is, the black-and-white cloud textures will be muliplied by the A
and B values. For this example, I set the constant plugged into the Lerp A channel to
-1 , and the constant plugged into Lerp B was set to 3 . The Lerp is then plugged into
the Emissive .
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