Game Development Reference
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9. To animate your texture, add a Panner and TexCoord to your scene.
10. The TexCoord is only used to scale up or down your texture in the scene; the Panner
is used to translate the texture.
For the Panner value, I set my angle and speed to SpeedX - 0.01 , SpeedY - 0.05 .
The seings you plug into Panner is directly related to the rotaion of your light,
so if you want the angle of the shadows translaion to change, then you can toy
around with the different variables in Panner , or simply rotate your light. Make
sure you rotate it using local seings, so that the global angle does not change
and the shadows fall in the exact same way. Also, for a direcional light, the
height of the light itself does not affect the shadows scale.
11. Next, you will need to duplicate the texture— Panner and TexCoord nodes in the
material shader—and plug both into an Add node, which then plugs into the
Emissive .
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