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Have a go hero - animated cloud shadows
First, you need to create a cloud texture that will work for your scene. For this I used the
clouds opion in Photoshop. I know that the Photoshop ilters can be terrible; however, I'll
explain why I used this ilter instead of creaing my own.
The clouds filter in Photoshop creates a seamless texture to work with.
You can press Ctrl + F on your keyboard unil you get the result you want, and it is
fast and easy to do.
The way in which we will be using these textures is by adding them together within
the UT3 shader network to achieve the result we are looking for.
Every ime you create a texture using this, it is sot and gradient. Later on, we will
be controlling the sharp edges and how they fall off, their brightness and their
This is the image that I created using Photoshop:
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